It’s a truth that everyone seems to know, and everyone struggles to make it happen at some point or another. Eating healthy is one of the most important components of a healthy and happy lifestyle, but it can be a major difficulty for many people. Time is a huge factor for so many of us, knowing the right things to eat requires a good amount of research, and even just cultivating a palate that likes (or at least, tolerates) nutritious food are all hurdles in the path of having a well-balanced diet. But even if you have all those aspects managed, there’s still a component that many of us face, and it results in us picking up a freezer meal from the grocery store for the umpteenth time: a hatred of cooking.

Okay, maybe “hatred” is a strong word. But so many people are not a fan of cooking, or don’t know how, and have zero interest in learning. Regardless of what the case might be, our Scottsdale meal prep service is here to explain some of your options; namely, meal prep versus cooking ingredient-and-recipe boxed meals. Learn more in our blog, and try out the meal prep services from Cuisine Privé for a life-changing culinary experience!

Ingredient-and-Recipe Meals

Examples: Blue Apron, Sun Basket, EveryPlate

How it Works

Consumers sign up for a subscription of their liking, such as one box a week. Each week, the ingredient-and-recipe company (we’ll use Blue Apron as our example) sends out a box that has all the ingredients and an easy-to-read recipe for people to follow. Those who sign up can usually customize a subscription based on the number of people they’ll be cooking for, flavors that they appreciate, and how often they’d like to receive this service.

Pros: It simplifies the cooking process by eliminating a trip to the store. Additionally, nothing really needs to be planned for — the recipe is picked out, the ingredients are delivered, and the instructions are right there. For anyone who likes cooking but wants to make it more time-efficient, this would be a good option.

Cons: This refers back to the last point — it’s good for anyone who likes to cook. If you hate cooking, feel intimidated by spending time with sharp objects and flames, or if you’re still reeling from the last time you set off the fire alarm from microwaving a chicken wing, an ingredient-and-recipe plan is probably not for you. It could be a great learning opportunity, but more often than not, those boxes might just sit there while you find something easier to cook.

Additionally, this is not a great solution for anyone who is already short on time. Even if you do like cooking, but simply have no room for it in your schedule, this option is going to take up time that you don’t have.

In our next blog, we’ll cover some of the pros and cons of working with our Scottsdale meal prep, and go into more depth of how that works. Stay tuned until then, and work with Cuisine Privé for meal prep, wedding catering, event catering, and more!