Welcome back to our blog series on corporate catering! In our last blog, we talked about the reasons why you should choose this type of service from our Scottsdale caterers. From showing employees you care to impressing clients and everything in between, there’s never a bad time to hire corporate catering. However, sometimes it helps to have some specific examples of when you can actually put this form of appreciation into place.

Our Scottsdale caterers are known for providing incredible services to the area, including event catering, wedding catering, and even meal prep options. Find out when it’s a good time to hire corporate catering, and get in touch with Cuisine Privé to get started!

Company Celebrations

When there’s reason to celebrate, food is always a good idea. Particularly really great food, because those are the meals and moments that people will truly remember. Hitting a monthly goal, growing your business or expanding your team, or any other celebration you can think of is an excellent time to bring in our Scottsdale caterers. You want to thank your employees for their work, and you also want to build company culture by bringing everyone together. Contact our team to get an idea of what we can do — from sandwich bars to something a bit fancier, catering with Cuisine Privé is sure to have you feeling like there’s something to celebrate.

New Business Ventures

Maybe you’re merging with another business or team, or perhaps you’re taking your business into a brand new direction entirely. Your business might be going public for the first time, and even if you simply — finally — had a year in the green instead of the red, these are all examples of new chapters and new directions. Celebrating new business ventures, in whatever capacity, should absolutely call for a reflective dining experience, and our Scottsdale caterers can come through with that in a heartbeat.

New Hire Orientation

The first day at a new job is not all that different from the first day of school. Tensions can be high, emotions can be equally excited and nervous, and everyone always wants to make sure they’re off to a good start. Especially if you’re hiring a batch of new employees, or bringing on a whole new set of interns, providing a catered food break during their first day orientation can be extremely helpful and comforting to them. Even as adults, we still think about where we’ll sit at the lunch table — corporate catering allows for a chance for new employees to get to know one another and the company itself, and allows you, as an employer, to get to do the same. Their first impression is sure to be a good one when you provide a first-day luncheon for everyone.

Corporate Picnic

As much as your employees love their jobs and working with you, their families and loved ones will always come first. When you provide opportunities for family members to interact with the company and make work and play come together, it’s a huge morale booster for your employees (and their loved ones, as well). Putting on a corporate picnic is the perfect time to make this happen. Set up games for the kiddos, encourage families to bring their blankets, and create an incredible spread for everyone to enjoy — but don’t worry, when you contact Cuisine Privé, we’ve got that last part covered.

Client Meeting

It’s often been said that in order to make money, you need to spend some money. This is absolutely true when it comes to businesses who are primarily client-facing. When you’re bringing on someone new to your enterprise, it’s essential that you make an incredible impression, one that makes it known that anyone who works with your company is cared for in the best possible way. If you have a hunch that an upcoming client meeting could be one of great potential, something as simple as providing food can truly make a difference in how they interpret your business, and what it’s like to do business with you.

New Building

Your business has continued to grow, and now it’s finally out of that attic of a building where the heat and A/C never worked. Or maybe the startup that literally began with you and a friend in their garage is finally taking off, or perhaps your existing building just ran out of space. Either way, saying goodbye to your old building is saying goodbye to some incredible memories. Work with our Scottsdale caterers to celebrate the new building, or to give the old building the send-off it deserves.


Every year that you’re in business is, well, another year that you’re in business! That’s a huge thing to celebrate! Considering 20 percent of all small businesses fail in their first year, and 50 percent of small businesses fail by their fifth year, we mean it when we say that simply continuing to be in business is something to celebrate. Commemorate the occasion by bringing in a lunch, and taking a minute to reflect with your team on how far you’ve come.


A beloved team member has finally decided to retire, and this can truly have an impact on company culture. It’s definitely a loss to see them leave, but it’s also a moment where employees see how much they’re valued by their company. Any boss who throws a retirement party for a dedicated employee with years of service under their belt is one that people love and respect, because they see the level of care and gratitude that their employer has for them. Plus, it’s a great time to close another chapter of your company’s story.

There could be countless other ideas as to why you should work with our Scottsdale caterers for your company, and whatever the reason or event might be, we are more than happy to set you up with the dining experience that you and your employees deserve. Contact Cuisine Privé to get incredible catering services in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area — we look forward to serving you and your company!