When we think of “catering,” we’re prone to picturing a wedding. We envision the happy couple sitting at the head table, we imagine all the guests dressed to the nines, and, of course, we think of the incredible food being brought out for everyone to enjoy.

Weddings are an excellent time to rely on catering services — after all, they eliminate the major amount of stress that comes from trying to feed people by the hundreds. And yet, weddings are far from the only type of event that would benefit from catering. Take a look at the number of other special occasions that we at Cuisine Privé would love to cater for you!


Let’s face it — school can be hard. Even if you or a loved one feels like school comes pretty easily, graduating and succeeding in school requires a lot of hard work, organization, and dedication. Whether it’s a high school graduation or a college one, this is a big day that absolutely deserves to be celebrated.

Having catering for a graduation party is not only a great way to commemorate the special day, it’s a way for people to come together and enjoy incredible food (in a hassle-free way, to boot!). You want to enjoy the party, not worry about ensuring everyone has enough to eat. Let Cuisine Privé take care of the food prep for your next planned graduation party.


Going to a restaurant for your birthday is great, but it’s ordinary. Everyone always goes to restaurants for their birthday, meaning that you go to so many restaurants for other people’s birthdays, which ultimately means that it’s time to break the monotonous cycle. Nothing’s wrong with restaurants, but having a catered birthday party is a sure way to stand out. You won’t have to worry about getting everybody to fit into a restaurant, or think about the timing for that one posh diner that doesn’t take reservations. Instead, work with catering services and have people over, wherever you want, to create a much more customized and personal birthday party.


You might be celebrating 30 glorious years of marriage, or even celebrating a year since ending that toxic relationship — but whatever the case may be, an anniversary is a great example of a time to work with catering services. Anniversaries mark an epoch of change and revolution, or they signify the beauty of stability and steadiness that have been maintained for years. Loved ones would love being surprised with a catered event for their wedding anniversary, or coworkers with decades of experience under their belt would also love receiving recognition in the form of delicious food from Cuisine Privé. Give us a call to explain what you’re looking for — we’d love to work with you!


It could be finally landing partner, or starting a new career, but either way, this is a momentous occasion that deserves some time in the spotlight. Many of us spend over half of our waking hours at our jobs, and when our hard work and dedication pays off, it’s time to celebrate. A party with some close friends and coworkers is the perfect time to recognize the incredible achievement that comes with a promotion. Take time to show some love for someone you know who’s been grinding at work and received their just rewards — contact our catering company in Scottsdale to set up your next event!

Family Reunions

It’s rare that the whole family can get together, and when the numbers of attendees at a family reunion start creeping into the double digits, it’s probably in everyone’s best interests to get some catering services to lend a hand. This is a special time for family to reconnect and create some memories — the last thing you want to do is miss out on the fun while trying to get everything cooked, prepped, and ready for the big day. Catering services are far superior for a family reunion, and when the meals you share are out-of-this-world delicious, everyone will be sure to love the day.

Any Occasion!

Who are we kidding — there’s never a bad time to work with the catering services of Cuisine Privé. Our chefs are masterful culinary experts, and can create a personalized menu for your menu that you and your guests will be sure to love. Contact our team today to learn more about what we can do for your next event!