For the majority of the country, summer is an incredible time, full of warm weather, good vibes, sunshine, and a call to be outdoors as much as possible. As we all in Scottsdale know, the majority of the country does not reside in southern Arizona in the summer. When you live in the desert, you know that “summer” is synonymous with “stay inside for as much as you possibly can” (or escape to cooler weather, if possible).

Yet at Cuisine Privé, we know that you absolutely deserve to enjoy this season, even if it looks a little different from summers experienced in other states. Our catering company believes there are plenty of opportunities for you to get the most of your summer, and are more than willing to share our ideas. Take a look at some of the ways you can beat the summer heat this summer, and get in touch with us for catering today!

Have a pool party!

This is about as summer-in-AZ as it gets, but it doesn’t make it any less fun (or any less enjoyable for that matter). You can always go the traditional route, complete with grilling hot dogs and burgers and blasting some tunes, or you could step it up a notch. Host a pool Olympics, complete with pool games of varying categories. Have a pool floatie run, a jump/dive competition, and other fun contests! Or, you could opt for a themed party, such as a ‘70s disco pool party or a pirate vibe. Spicing it up is sure to provide a fresh take on an old classic.

Stay cool and curious.

Sure, staying in and watching Netflix is a great way to stay cool, but this is not super stimulating and grows old rather quickly. You definitely don’t want to waste your summer, but you also don’t want to burn to a crisp in the .02 seconds it takes when outside. Instead, check out some amazing museums and art exhibits, like the Heard Museum, the Musical Instrument Museum, or the Phoenix Art Museum. The Children’s Museum is another great place to take the kids!

Host a dining get-together.

This is not simply you having people over and making a pot of spaghetti — oh no. This is a dining experience that’s designed to stand out, an evening of feeling classy and celebrating in only the finest of manners. You can work with Cuisine Privé for catering to fully impress your guests, and host a black-tie-affair gathering that will be one to remember. It is summer, after all, and you deserve to treat yourself and your loved ones! Everyone will simply love getting together in their best outfits, and will also love simply getting to enjoy quality time together. Our catering can completely enhance your evening, and we’d love to work with you.

We’ll be back with some more ideas on how you can enjoy the sizzling summers of Scottsdale, and in the meantime, know that the catering from Cuisine Privé will bring exquisite dining and flavors to your next event. Get started by contacting us today!